kuroko Directory Reference


file  chunk.h [code]
 Structures and enums for bytecode chunks.
file  compiler.h [code]
 Exported methods for the source compiler.
file  debug.h [code]
 Functions for debugging bytecode execution.
file  kuroko.h [code]
 Top-level header with configuration macros.
file  memory.h [code]
 Functions for dealing with garbage collection and memory allocation.
file  object.h [code]
 Struct definitions for core object types.
file  scanner.h [code]
 Definitions used by the token scanner.
file  table.h [code]
 Implementation of a generic hash table.
file  threads.h [code]
 Convience header for providing atomic operations to threads.
file  util.h [code]
 Utilities for creating native bindings.
file  value.h [code]
 Definitions for primitive stack references.
file  vm.h [code]
 Core API for the bytecode virtual machine.