Module List

Here is a list of documented modules:

Mbuiltins Internal module containing built-in functions and classes.
Mcallgrind Tool to process VM trace reports and generate callgrind-formatted output.
Mcodecs Convert a string to and from various encodings.
Mcodecs.bespokecodecs Contains various WHATWG-defined codecs which require dedicated implementations.
Mcodecs.binascii Defines functions and codecs pertaining to binary-to-text encodings.
Mcodecs.dbdata Defines WHATWG-specified double-byte encodings which do not require dedicated implementations, and
Mcodecs.dbextra This module includes some additional variable-width or wide encodings not specified by WHATWG.
Mcodecs.dbextra_data_7bit Defines 7-bit mapping data for codecs.dbextra.
Mcodecs.dbextra_data_8bit Defines 8-bit mapping data for codecs.dbextra.
Mcodecs.infrastructure Underpinning infrastructure for the codecs module.
Mcodecs.isweblabel Allows checking the WHATWG status of a given label (listed, not listed, or mapped to undefined).
Mcodecs.pifonts This module includes codecs implementing special handling for symbol fonts.
Mcodecs.sbencs Defines WHATWG-specified single-byte encodings.
Mcodecs.sbextra This module includes some additional single-byte encodings not specified by WHATWG.
Mcollections Useful collection types not found in the core interpreter.
Mdis Provides tools for disassembling bytecode.
Mfileio Provides access to C <stdio> buffered file I/O functions.
Mgc Namespace containing methods for controlling the garbage collector.
Mjson JSON parser
Mkuroko System module.
Mmath Provides access to floating-point mathematical functions from the system libm.
Mos Provides access to low-level system operations.
Msocket Lightweight wrapper around the standard Berkeley sockets interface.
Mstring Helpful string constants.
Mthreading Methods and classes for creating platform threads.
Mtime Provides timekeeping functions.
Mtools.gendoc Tool for dynamically generating documentation files through introspection.