System module.



Calculate the approximate size of an object in bytes.

valueValue to examine.


Import a module by string name

Imports the dot-separated module module as if it were imported by the import statement and returns the resulting module object.

moduleA string with a dot-separated package or module name


Obtain the memory representation of a stack value.


Obtain a copy of a dict of the direct members of an object.


Get the list of valid names from the module table


Disables terminal escapes in some output from the VM.

cleanWhether to remove escapes.


Toggle debugging modes.

Enables or disables tracing options for the current thread.

tracingEnables instruction tracing.
disassemblyPrints bytecode disassembly after compilation.


Removes a module from the module table. It is not necessarily garbage collected if other references to it exist.


let builddate = 'Jul 7 2023 at 09:38:02'

let buildenv = 'GCC 11.3.0'

let executable_path = '/home/klange/Projects/kuroko/kuroko'

let hexversion = 17039538

let path_sep = '/'

let version = '1.4.0b2'

Other Members

let argv = list

let module_paths = list