Tool for dynamically generating documentation files through introspection.

Imports modules and scans through members to generate Markdown files to feed into Doxygen. Uses dynamic introspection to obtain member lists and look up function arguments, docstrings, etc.

Markdown output is aided by a set of macros defined in the Kuroko API Documentation Doxyfile. The output should be suitable for use with a normal Doxygen build, but some additional customization is available.


_class Pair(object)

Makes a silly sortable pair that can be expanded like a two-tuple.

_let x = Pair(left,right)


_Pair == other


_Pair > other


_for x in Pair:


_Pair < other




Escapes some characters in module names to make better page IDs.


Cleans up docstring contents for display in the module list.


Extracts the docstring from a function and removes markup that Doxygen will choke on.


Extract the arguments of either a managed (func.__args__) or native (from an @arguments docstring) function.


Determines if cls is an Exception type by examining its superclass chain.



If s is longer than 100 characters, truncate it with an ellipsis.


Get a clean type name from t

Other Members

let basicops = tuple

let blacklistedMethods = list

let docString = dict

let modules = list

let prefixops = tuple

let specialMethods = dict

let tripletops = tuple