KrkDict Struct Reference

Flexible mapping type. More...

#include <object.h>

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Public Member Functions

KrkValue krk_dict_of (int argc, const KrkValue argv[], int hasKw)
 Create a dict object.
- Public Member Functions inherited from KrkInstance
KrkInstancekrk_newInstance (KrkClass *_class)
 Create a new instance of the given class. More...

Data Fields

KrkTable entries
 The actual table of values in the dict.
- Data Fields inherited from KrkInstance
KrkTable fields
 Attributes table.
- Data Fields inherited from KrkObj
uint16_t type
 Tag indicating core type.
uint16_t flags
 General object flags, mostly related to garbage collection.
uint32_t hash
 Cached hash value for table keys.
struct KrkObjnext
 Invasive linked list of all objects in the VM.

Protected Attributes

KrkInstance inst
- Protected Attributes inherited from KrkInstance
KrkObj obj

Detailed Description

Flexible mapping type.

Provides key-to-value mappings as a first-class object type.

Definition at line 349 of file object.h.

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