args.c File Reference

Embedding demo showing how to use krk_parseArgs. More...

#include "../src/vendor/rline.c"
#include <kuroko/vm.h>
#include <kuroko/util.h>
#include "simple-repl.h"
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Data Structures

struct  File
 Object for a C FILE* stream. More...


KrkValue _krk_demofunc1 (int, KrkValue *, int)
KrkValue _krk_demofunc2 (int, KrkValue *, int)
KrkValue _krk_demofunc3 (int, KrkValue *, int)
KrkValue _krk_demofunc4 (int, KrkValue *, int)
KrkValue _krk_print (int, KrkValue *, int)
KrkValue _krk_takeschars (int, KrkValue *, int)
KrkValue _krk_parseints (int, KrkValue *, int)
KrkValue _krk_parsefloats (int, KrkValue *, int)
int main (int argc, char *argv[])

Detailed Description

Embedding demo showing how to use krk_parseArgs.

This is a small demo of embedding Kuroko in a simple application and providing native function bindings that use krk_parseArgs to evaluate arguments.

Definition in file args.c.